Zac's Happy Planet

About the Book

Zac’s teaches his Grandparents how simple it is to recycle soft plastics, which his Grandparents initially thought that they were not recyclable, therefore ending up in landfill. Zac explains how easily soft plastic can be recycled into fantastic new products, re directing it from landfill helping to promote a circular economy.

Zac is determined to positively change the way we live. No matter how big or small, he is always on the lookout to make our world a better place.

Enjoy this fun and colourful story of how the whole family can unite to change small habits that help to protect the future of our beautiful planet. ~ Jane Ting

About the Book

Zac and his school friends are back! Through their gold-star class presentation they show how to make good choices to help protect and to be kind to our beautiful planet.

With vibrant illustrations throughout, this enjoyable, fun story is the perfect way to introduce sustainable ideas to young children and inspire a generation of positive thinkers.

About the Author

Jane Ting cares deeply about the future of our planet and with her young family to think about, she hopes to see it thrive for many future generations.

Observing the continuing effects of climate change and the ever-evolving concerns for our planet’s future, Jane felt motivated to write Soft Plastic to Things Fantastic and Plastic Bottle How Can You Change – Zac’s Happy Planet to show how simple change can be.

As seen on:

Jane Ting discussing how simple it is to make sustainable choices on The morning show at studio 10 and in the MPNewspaper.